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Quality guarantee

Quality is the keyword at Maselis. Ever since the company was first founded in 1829, the quality of our products, raw materials and cereals has always occupied first place. In those early days, Maselis was involved in the development and multiplication of seeds, a sector in which quality is more than just something to strive for – it's an absolute prerequisite. This total commitment to quality has remained its touchstone ever since, even though, over the years, the business has extended its range of activities to include consumer-ready finished products, both branded and private label. Comprehensive vertical integration and controls carried out at every single link in the production chain reflect its continued commitment to providing the highest possible quality.

Maselis can trace the origins of every product that leaves its factories. This traceability applies not only to the production process of each and every one of its finished products - whether it's flour, pre-cooked wheat or ready-to-eat breakfast cereals - it also means that every product can be traced back to its individual raw materials. The company has total control over the entirre production chain, including the monitoring of various parameter, from start to finish. 


To achieve this, Maselis uses a comprehensive HACCP system, which forms an integral part of the overall FSSC 22000 quality assurance system. This results in healthy, top-quality finished products every time. 


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The constant checks that we carry out on our products guarantee their consistent quality. And our quality control process is not limited to just visual and physical parameters. It also includes microbiological and chemical analyses to ensure that we always manufacture a food-safe product. By conducting our own analyses and working with authorised external laboratories, as well as taking part in ring tests, we are able to guarantee a safe product complete with the peace of mind provided by the production and control methods we use. 

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It goes without saying that this constant striving to produce high-quality foods has a direct impact on the health of the end-user. It is for this reason, for example, that Maselis keeps the use of pesticides to an absolute minimum and - in the case of organic products - the use of any non-natural pesticides and herbicides is strictly prohibited and scrupulously monitored. This approach is nothing new at Maselis.

The company has been actively committed to promoting organic foods and a healthier environment since 1975. For this reason, all its products are pure, unadulterated, natural and free from genetic manipulation - which is exactly what today's consumer demands. Both Maselis N.V. and its subsidiary, Mulder Breakfast Cereals, are fully licensed for organic production.

What Maselis does, day after day, is living proof that public health is not merely a question of laws and regulations, but a matter of vigilance, professional ethics and a quality-oriented corporate culture.

In other words: a proud tradition.

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" Maselis, where quality is always paramount "


ISO 14001:2015

SGS Belgium

Kosher Certificate 2021- 2023






NON GMO Supply Chain Standard-certificate

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Valid IT non GMO-certificate

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Food Safety System Certification 22000

SGS Belgium