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Maselis has been a major European supplier of cereal products for the food industry for almost two centuries (since 1829). The company uses virtually every form of technology imaginable to process grain into the right ingredients for producing food. Boiling, grinding, peeling, toasting, crushing, flaking, extruding, puffing – and many more processes besides – Maselis can do it all. The Roeselare-based company has four divisions: the oats and barley hulling unit, the corn mill, the cereal flaking facility and the extrusion department. The company’s end-products are extremely diverse: ranging from hulled oats to rice flakes, corn grits to pearled wheat: “you name it, we have it”.



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Quality guarantee

Quality guarantee

Quality is the key word at Maselis. Since the company was founded in 1829, the quality of the products, raw materials and grains has come first. After all, Maselis was then mainly specialized in the breeding and propagation of grain seed, and then quality was more than an aim. It's a requirement. That requirement has remained the company's benchmark, even when Maselis expanded its range over the years to consumer-ready end products, under its own brand or under Private Label. Extensive vertical integration and integral chain management are therefore typical examples of this care.



In more than two centuries, Maselis has grown into an important producer of grain-based 'health food'. A respected group, consisting of Maselis N.V. and the subsidiaries Maselis Hungaria and Mulder Breakfast Cereals.

Maselis N.V. itself has three factories, two in Belgium and one in Hungary. The corn mill, one of the production lines in Belgium, processes corn into semolina and masa flour, for various partners in the snack food industry.

In addition, Maselis also has a peeling and flaking plant, where oatmeal, grain flakes for breakfast cereals and pre-cooked pearled wheat are produced.

In addition, there is an extrusion department where grain is processed under high pressure and high temperatures into raw materials for most advanced food and non-food applications. These products are usually developed specifically at the request of customers.

The centuries-old experience and continuous attention to trends give Maselis and its partners scope and access to niches such as organic and health products.

Maselis N.V. (Belgium)

Producer of cereal-based ingredients for the food industry.

Mulder Breakfast Cereals

Producer of breakfast cereals (private label) for the end consumer.

Maselis Hungaria Kft.

Producer of maize flour and grits for the food industry.

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